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With an acoustic base and a very nice voice, of different shades, sometimes slightly shy, sometimes very sensitive, Kenedy is a Spanish band based in Seville, who sings in English. Musical themes made with very good taste that grow and develop without following the typical compositions of verse and chorus. Their tracks are very elaborated, impeccable and very rich. A band that set very high standards for bands that are already famous in the Spanish independent scene, but that they should learn from this band at least to sing and at most to compose.

Band Members


Iñigo Laspiur – Voice, acoustic guitar
Miguel Angel Asencio – Guitar
Adrián Ruiz – Bass, chorus
Antonio Rodriguez - Drums




Gomez, Athlete, Frightened Rabbits, Coldplay, Wilco.


Kenedy arises when Iñigo (Rare Vocation, Efecto Dopler, Dual) decided to take a step further with the tracks that he played live with the acoustic guitar and decides to start a new project. Once he had a name for all that, he would go ahead to record an EP with a selection of 5 tracks.


To do this, he contacted Roberto Urzaiz (Dikers, Efecto Dopler, Dual, Amor de Tokyo, Columpio Asesino) to get a hand with the recording. But he didn't just help him, he got so much involved that he recorded drums, bass, keyboards , electric guitars, he did as a sound engineer, producer and even mastered the disc.

The disc was recorded in 5 days at Tigruss studio in Gandía, and it was later mixed and masterized during one week in Pamplona. In January that eyar, Iñigo contacted Adrián, Miguel and Antonio in Seville and they set up the current band line up.

Thanks to the almost daily work of all the components, Kenedy has nowadays a repertoire of more than one hour, and they have played live at several venues and festivals such as GalletaRock (as a invited band) or Suberock, winning its first prize.


In 2010 they performed at 12 venues in places as diverse as Seville, Málaga, Badajoz, Pamplona and Tudela (Navarra).

They have also taken advantage of new technologies for their concerts as the last one that they had in 2010, an acoustic live performed in a lounge that was broadcasted on the Internet, with great acceptance among the public.


This year has started with the same intensity as they finished last year. They already ahd several concerts in Seville, Murcia and Marbella, participated in the Festival "The Alternator" from Montellano, they won the contest Tomares 2.0 Nestor Festival and the Indiespartinas  Festival of Seville. They will  be soon playing in Malaga, Cadiz and Madrid.

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EP: Kenedy - Kenedy (2010)

Recommended track: Breath again (2010)


Interview with Kenedy

1. How did the band begin?


The band was formed in early 2010, when Inigo, after recording the EP, he met Adrian, Miguel and Antonio. We saw very fast that there was more than just musical fate and we got a great friendship, which is reflected in every show. With a style already created, the songs flowed alone and the connection was immediate. In two months we had our first concert at the Fnac in Malaga and in 5 months we won our first contest.


2. How would you define the sound of the band? 


We have been defined many times as Pop-Rock, elegant Pop, melodic pop, Atmosphere .. But what we really try is to make songs that say something, that express feelings, something that  wont leave you indifferent.


3. Talk us about your last work.


We have an EP that was recorded in December 2009 in Gandía by Iñigo and Roberto Urzaiz, who worked as a musician, producer and sound engineer. Without him Kenedy wont be the same. Iñigo tried to capture his acoustic songs into a band sound and and with this he tried to find musicians. This EP is the basis of the concerts, and we have added more songs later.

4. How are your concerts? What can we find there that we wont find on your studio records?


Our live shows are our covering letter. They are compact, robust, full of emotions, atmospheres that surround you and nice melodies. In our concerts you can enjoy the tracks that are not on the EP but that we hope to record someday. They are also songs written by everyone, so they gain in nuance and personality. The EP is our visiting card,  live is our soul.

 5. What do you think about the music industry and what do you think is your place within it?


There are currently many bands. You have just to see how many bands are applying to demo contests. And the quality and styles are increasing. I think we're in a very sweet moment.

Singing in English would close us many doors, but it is how we feel comfortable. Right now what we want most is to play, keep learning, meet people to share stories and try to be introduced into the Spanish music scene and festivals. There will be time to record, becoming famous, go crazy, destroying hotels and do those celebrity little things!


Tour dates


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