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With an American folk rock style, Pennan is a Canadian singer and songwriter, prototype of the musician who believes in his work and feels confortable with what he does. His Music is simple, romantic, regardless of fashion, taste and criticism. Penan does what he likes, and he does it good. Song by song, video by video, this Vancouver based musician has personally gain me with his originality and a human music that makes me to feel good.


Band Members

  • Pennan (Vocals, Keyboard, Harmonica)
  • Yonny (Guitars)
  • Nat (Drums)
  • Remi (Bass)


Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Elton John


At the tender age of 18, Pennan Brae discovered his passion for writing songs one lonely New Year’s Eve. “It was an amazing experience - like having sex for the first time,” the singer-songwriter enthusiastically reminisced.  Pennan began writing songs, playing and practicing piano, guitar and eventually harmonica throughout his college years.

His influences range from the “truth and rawness” of American blues masters Muddy Waters and BB King, and the piano playing skills of Elton John and Billy Joel.  He learned about energy from the Rolling Stones, and lyrically, Pennan “likes the rhythm of Chuck Berry’s poetry; I’ve never heard anyone better.”

Having a chance encounter with producer Paul Milner (Keith Richards, Sting) on a small island off the Canadian coast led Pennan to work with many musicians, and even found himself with final mixes from the acclaimed producer.  

In 2011, Pennan releases a third collection, “Early Rise.”  This 7-song disc starts off with “On The Highway,” complete with a magnificent music video shot by Spool, a young but extremely talented director from Los Angeles.  “Setting music to a visual is a real pleasure and joy,” Pennan states.  This creative process, while fulfilling, comes with all sorts of delays and disaster; the pink convertible Pennan drove from Oregon made it all the way down to LA and then Las Vegas for the shoot, but blew a cylinder and needed a rebuilt engine before they could continue.  Six weeks later, the shoot was back on and the resulting video is an outstanding gem of a story that belies any kind of mechanical breakdown.

The rest of 2011 will find Pennan Brae traveling parts of the world himself as he spreads the word of “Early Rise” and his collection of songs about love, adventure, gratitude and life.

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Studio albums:

  • Shaded Joy (2009)
  • Amber Glow (2009)
  • Early Rise (2011)


Pennan Brae - Early Rise

Pennan Brae - Amber Glow

Pennan Brae - Shaded Joy

Recommended track: Something's Missing


Won't You Spend The Night With Me

Pennan Brae - On The Highway

Pennan Brae - Anyways

Pennan Brae - Goin' down

Pennan Brae - Lonely Heartbeat

Pennan Brae - For You

Pennan Brae - Blind Love

Pennan Brae - Need A Woman So Bad

Pennan Brae - Something's Missing

Pennan Brae - Pathways

Pennan Brae - Fling

Pennan Brae - If I Lose You

Pennan Brae - The Forgotten Man

Pennan Brae  - Hollow Intentions

Pennan Brae - I Need You Now

Pennan Brae - Have You Ever Been

Interview with Pennan Brae

1. How did the band begin?


The band began in 2008. I was on an Island in Canada & met Paul Milner, who was the producer of Keith Richards’ first solo record. I talked to him about recording & he introduced me to these other musicians. We went into the studio & laid down the tracks.


2. How would you define the sound of the band? 


Laid-back, chilled pop-rock.


3. Talk us about your last work.


‘Early Rise’ is our most recent release.  It is a bit more upbeat, with faster songs such as ‘Need A Woman So Bad’ & ‘On The Highway’.  ‘Pennan Brae’, another track, is about my grandfather from Northern Scotland.  He was from a village called Pennan & it’s there I take my name from.


4. How are your concerts? What can we find there that we wont find on your studio records?


We arrange the songs a bit differently live. Yonny has done some very nice work on the guitar to make this happen.

 5. What do you think about the music industry and what do you think is your place within it?


The music industry has always been the Wild West & I think it always will be.  It’s the nature of the beast, really.  It’s fun that way because you never know what might happen when you wake up in the morning.  I like the fact now that musicians can empower themselves via the Internet to promote & share their work. That’s very motivating.

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