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Freshness, talent and imagination are the predominant notes of this indie pop band based in Barcelona. Led by singer Aldo Comas, they release their first studio album Bits & Pieces, a revelation in our music scene. They can´t have a better start.


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Band Members

Aldo Comas (Vocals, Spanish Guitar)
Jordi Moraleda (Bass)
Arnau Obiols (Drums)
Andres Perez "Papas" (Keyboards and vocals)
Miki Mestres (Guitar)
Llorent Rubio (Trumpet)


Camarón, Ray Barretto, Talking Heads, Paul Simon, Fela
Kuti and Gainsbourg.


EGM was the first name San Leon adopted back in 2005, moment when I started working with Sofa Experience in Barcelona. I was always a very dedicated singer as well as the one that would grab a guitar at any party and start playing.

Bernat and Wilson gave me the punch I needed to start this project and so we recorded an EP. From that moment on I focused all my energy in looking for the right formation for my band.

Borja and I studied together and he offered his help. Right away the rest of the former members of Extraperlo came on board and that was the moment I decided to go down to Paco Loco’s studio in Cadiz and record the first EGM album.

San Leon comes to mind as soon as I realize that most of
the band members were unable to carry on with the project as I wanted it to be, where total dedication was a must. That happened due to two main reasons. The first was the fact that their own band, Extraperlo, was finally taking off and secondly, it just wasn’t the right people willing to follow and give it all for my ideas.

Slowly but surely we started the change over of the formation. Then we had to think of a brand new name for our band. We wanted something that would strongly link with my own life and more over with the borderline use of sanctity and the beast that exists in many cultures.

San Leon (like in the borderline village between France and Spain from where I come from) is a beautiful village in the border of Mexico and the USA.


Album de Estudio:

  • Bits & Pieces (2010)


  • sotavento (2011)


  • Love Speed and Picasso (2010)
  • Little Words Amplid Stadium Remix (2010)

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Recommended track: Sweet Maria


San Leon - Hysterical Eyes

San Leon - Little Words

Interview with Aldo Comas (San Leon)


1. How did the band begin?


The band began around 2008 after concluding our first musical experiment which was EGM. Then I started recruiting the best musicians I could find so I could finally have a band, a gang, and a hood style musical project. West side stroyish -wise, the band was conceived and risen with a strong need of communicating our love and passion for music and with a strong though of being able to survive thanks to it. It's hard though.


2. How would you define the sound of the band? 


That's more of a journalist job. Definitions always shorten the real dimension of things. Specially in music biz. W play pop structured songs but all styles can be found around it. Soul through the vocals, latin african salsa with rythms, punk, rock, etc.... We embrace with our entire hearts musical postmodernism.


3. Talk us about your last work.


A big essay of death and love. Our songs are metaphors of 3 years in live. Dead mother’s goodbye lovers and a gainsbourg cover. Let's imagine a sad clown singing flamenco or the last joke of a dying comedian. Our last work is the definition of living contradictions. There's neither sadness nor happiness, it's all, always, in between.

4. How are your concerts? What can we find there that we wont find on your studio records?


Our shows are spontaneous and luckily, thanks to our naive inexperience, you can still find or perceive the amateur attitude of kids wanting to have fun. Are shows are loud, and you will dance.

 5. What do you think about the music industry and what do you think is your place within it?


'Kill your friends' is a book about the new music biz I was just reading. It's hard tough and dangerous. We are a little sand grain in the giant beach but we really hope and believe that this little pebble gets stuck in your toenail.

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Dakota 249, Dep 303 Colonia Napoles.

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