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We attend submissions via Soundcloud. Submission Policy:

  1. We don't write album reviews.
  2. Join our Soundcloud group and share 1 track with it. 
  3. Only official accounts will be posted.
  4. Tracks older than 3 months won't be considered.
  5. If you are selected your track will be approved (check updates).
  6. Videos will be posted instead of the track if available. 
  7. Please wait 3 months before re-submitting. 

Please read our submissions and premieres policy. If you don't qualify, please avoid to email us

   Tips for bands


TIPS FOR BANDS: TIP #7: "I published my first EP. Now what?"


Did you self-release? Did you had the support of a small label for the release? In any case, with label or without label, you need both your work and your band to be listened. And here starts the party. Unless you know somebody that could write about you, you have to select some media to send your work, and some venues to bring it to a real audience. Start by those media and venues that support new bands. Make sure that your sites are correct (tips 1, 3 & 4) and ask for a small review and opportunity. To get a review of a track is easier than a review of a EP. We will talk about gigs later. Start by building a background from small specialized media. Be very patient, and try to learn from this process.



TIPS FOR BANDS: TIP #6: "I have many songs recorded but I don’t have anything released"

If you have already recorded many songs, maybe it’s time to pack them. Choose your best track and another 3 tracks that complement it. Upload them in that order (Bandcamp, Soundcloud, CD Baby...). Add a simple album cover and use your band name or the first track name for that compilation. Your first EP is done. Unsigned artists don’t need an official release to have their work out. There are many tools to make this possible by your own. Labels and agencies will come later, after they see what you have done, not before. If you are already happy with 4 of your tracks, go ahead and pack them!


TIPS FOR BANDS: TIP #5: "My music is not good. Everyone is rejecting my work"

Not everyone has the talent for music. That it means you can’t play or compose? No. The first goal of your music is always yourself. That you enjoy what you do, that it fills you. If your music is not good enough for the others, try to identify the reasons. Maybe you are working over a wrong idea, the wrong genre, the wrong instrument or just the wrong tone. Try to identify your best talents and your worst ones and rethink your music project. If you are not really talented for music, play it in private, for you, and enjoy the music as you always did.


TIPS FOR BANDS: TIP #4: "I sent my music to many blogs and I never got an answer"

Did you follow the submission policy? Before submitting and writing to anybody, take your time to read blog’s submission policy. Blog’s rules are made to have an organized and fastest process. They are made to attend you, not to bother you. If you don’t get any answer, these could be the reasons: you didn’t followed blog’s rules, that blog is very busy and slow, your music is too old, or your music didn’t past the cut. First reasons are easy to solve. But if you didn’t past the cut, review your work, try to improve and persist. 


TIPS FOR BANDS: TIP #3: "No I haven't added my bio and links. Who cares?"

Bands have websites, Facebook and Twitter accounts, music in Soundcloud and Bandcamp, videos on YouTube and Vimeo....but no info or links in there sometimes. You will have more chances to be posted by blogs and supported by fans if you ad a short bio on each one of these accounts and you ad all your links to them. Having your bio and links make things a lot easier for bloggers when we post your work.


TIPS FOR BANDS: TIP #2: "I only have my music at Bandcamp, so I can sell it"


Bandcamp is very useful to self-release and sell your music. It even provides you download cards that you can sell at your gigs if you don’t have physical copies of your work. But don't forget that Soundcloud could be a strongest tool for a single to be featured in blogs, and blogs will bring people to your gigs. Soundcloud and Bandcamp are not antagonistic tools. You can combine them.



TIPS FOR BANDS: TIP #1: "No sorry I don't have a Twitter account"

Many bands answer this when I ask them for their link at Twitter. But as a band, it could be very convenient for you to open a Twitter account. Apart of talking about what you had for breakfast, that it is extremely interesting, Twitter is a powerful tool to connect with your fans, to post your events, TO KNOW WHO IS POSTING YOUR MUSIC! And to read the comments of our readers :) We do have a Twitter account, and it is here



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