Hinds. Joy Eslava, Madrid. Spain. Concert review 26/4/2016

Hinds Joy Eslava Madrid

Text: Mar de Miguel

Photography: Luis M. del Campo & Mar de Miguel


Breakneck career for Hinds, and we have to go back to August 2014 in our archive to find their first post, when at that time they were known by Deers. Since they published that "Trippy Gum" that captivated us immediately, we have closely followed the band from Madrid, collaborating in their introduction and progress in the international English-speaking music market, which is not something that happens very often, but it makes us really happy.


But even being close to them (we are based in Spain), it has past two years before we could see them live, a time in which the quartet released its first album and has emerged on the international scene with the best reviews. Therefore we have now to review their live performance and to check the evolution of the band from the front row.


And there we were, celebrating with Hinds’ fans their second anniversary in a luxury night in which another of our favourites opened the concert, the band from Chicago, Twin Peaks (read the concert review).


The first impression I had seeing them to play is how much they have improved, compared  to how they sounded in some sessions that we had seen from them. Carlotta and Ana feel very comfortable on stage. However, Ade and Amber still need a little more to let their hair down as their band mates. In any case, the quartet works, and perhaps the sweetness of Ade is a nice contrast to conserve. Amber, who is very supported by fans, can still give more, something that we will probably see in their upcoming performances, with more time.


As for the sound and interpretation, Hinds were fine. Their melodic garage works and that is the sound that has captured half the world, while here in Spain, everyone was wondering how they succeeded. Well, it's simple. Hinds sound like any other band of garage pop punk that you can find from California to the East Coast of the United States, and they stick to a sound that does not include any of our various folklores, which helps out there to don’t squeak the neurons of the fans of the genre. Hinds are welcome in the American scene like KEXP, SXSW, or the "burgies", for the sole reason that they make the same music that people there like, they do it well, and they give their personal style, but not our local one.


And after saying this, it makes no sense to compare them with what we have here in Spain, and we have to go back again to Mikal Cronin and his good friend Ty to understand the influences of Hinds. On the other hand, I find some old flavour on them that I really like. I've always said that Hinds reminds me of the soundtrack of Dirty Dancing, and that "Love Is Strange" by Mickey and Sylvia, featured in the film. And who knows, maybe a touch to The Shirelles would support the romantic garage style of our Hinds.


Hinds have a good live performance and a brilliant new career. There is still a long way to walk, but we find that they have the skills to undertake it without problems and to continue their wanderings through the world, with the support of their fans, that love them. And also our readers, which have placed them up to three times in our top 10. We also love them and we wish them all the best. Happy Birthday, Hinds. Hope to see you many more times.


   Set List

  1. Warning With The Curling
  2. Trippy Gum
  3. Fat Calmed Kiddos
  4. Warts
  5. Baby (?)
  6. U Never (?)
  7. When It Comes to You (Dead Ghosts cover) 
  1. Chili Town
  2. Easy
  3. Bamboo
  4. San Diego


  1. Garden
  2. Castigadas En El Granero
  3. Davey Crockett (Thee Headcoats cover)

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