Steve Smyth. Ego Live, Alcala de Henares. Spain. Concert Review

by Mar de Miguel Bonet

Steve Smyth. Photography by Mar, Jungle Indie Rock

Steve Smyth is a singer-songwriter from New South Wales in Australia. His first release was published in 2012 and he is now on tour supporting his last album “Exits”, released in 2014 through the Australian label Ivy League Records, a label that we love and support since their band Deep Sea Arcade formed part of our Bands Project.

This is not the first time that Smyth visits us. A couple of years ago he formed part of the FIB festival line up in Benicassim, and today he was repeating venue at our city, anxiously awaited by a bunch of loyal fans. Accompanied by The Outlaws, Steve Smyth is becoming a popular name in the best stages all over the world. Austin’s SXSW this year is a good example of this, and the fact that he has shared stage with The Killers or Angus and Julia Stone can tell you more about this emerging artist. A must see for new talents and indie lovers.


Steve Smyth has a particular way to understand music, especially when performing live. Every song keeps a little secret that could explode at any time. His sensibility to tell stories, to sing them, to break our hearts with them, is something that you have to experience directly from him. And you have to listen to him staying quiet.. Quiet? Yes, quiet. That wonderful word that is missing at gigs in the last years, is back with Smyth. The expectancy was so big. Not a single noise in the venue.  The crowd keeping their hearts beating slowly to don’t disturb. I could not believe that this was happening, but it was. And then, when you don’t expect it but you can bite the tension, there is an explosion of guitars, noise sounds, drummer flying, singer in the floor, and a crowd with big eyes wondering what this is. This is Steve Smyth and his band The Outlaws.


If we pay attention to influences, I would say that Blues is written with capitals in his music. But nothing is what it seams in his work, and there is a constant wave of beats on every song. Steve Smyth could be that lonely musician with a broken heart at a blues venue, or a solid noise rock band at a time. Steve Smyth is that handsome guy that will win your love with an acoustic guitar, or a band that will make you to jump in a festival. 


Have a look to his tour, and get a ticket to see him if you have the chance. A strongly recommended act.


   Image gallery

Steve Smyth. Photography by Mar, Jungle Indie Rock
Steve Smyth. Photography by Mar, Jungle Indie Rock
Steve Smyth. Photography by Mar, Jungle Indie Rock
Steve Smyth. Photography by Mar, Jungle Indie Rock

   Set List

Steve Smyth. Photography by Mar, Jungle Indie Rock

  1. Get On
  2. Saint James Infirmary Blues (American folksong) 
  3. Reaperbahn
  4. Barbiturate Cowboy And His Dark Horses
  5. Hopeless Feminist
  6. In A place
  7. Come Back Baby
  8. Paris
  9. Written or Spoken
  10. Digital Heart
  11. South Land
  12. Shake It
  13. No Man's Land

Steve Smyth has released 2 solo studio albums to date: "Exits" (Sept 2014), and "Release" (March 2012).


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