Bloody Thursdays! 2

by Mar

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VEYU - Running

VEYU are a 5-pieces band from Liverpool consisting of Chris Beesley (Vocals, Guitar), Adam Bresnen (Vocals, Guitar), James Tidd (Bass), Tom McCabe (Drums) and Donovan Collins (Synth/Keys). "Running" was developed at their Fallout Factory creative space and self produced in sessions at Parr Street Studios. The song will form part of their debut release to be out later this spring.


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Dark Patrick - Kuolema


Open track from Dark Patrick's last album "Kuolema" released on February 3th, 2014.  Dark Patrick is the duo formed by Ukrainian singer-songwriter Eva Purpurovska, aka Zhenia, and English multi-instrumentalist Paul Chilton. Their music has two clear components, one based on traditional string and wind instruments and another component based on electronic sounds on synths. The combination of these two worlds, combined with the voice of Zhenia, turns surely dark and eclectic on this new album, which requires a slow listening to get immerse on it and get all the flavours of this delightful piece.


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The Zoo City Lads - Throw It Away

Debut single by Sydney alternative rock band The Zoo City Lads included in their self-titled debut EP. The Zoo City Lads, a 4 pieces band formed in 2011, have a strong component of punk in their music, what brings something much more interesting than what you see in a common alternative rock band. The bands says to be building a solid fan base through their live shows but they just got one on me just by their recorded work. Hopefully I can taste that sound in person attending one of their shows one day.


Video directed by Katie Macqueen.


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Andrew St. James - A Prayer For East Oakland


A Prayer For East Oakland is the last release by singer-songwriter Andrew St. James. The song is included in his album "Doldrums", produced by St. James himself and Jim Greer (platinum record recipient for his work with Foster The People).


"The lyrics to A Prayer For East Oakland are formed around Psalms in the New Testament. The song was originally a poem I wrote after a childhood friend of mine was murdered during the summer of 2011 outside of his home in East Oakland. Watching the homicide rate in the city rise almost exponentially during that time made me frustrated with how little people around me knew or cared about the violence in a community so close to our home".


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Guards - Nightmare (Live at Mack Sennett Studios)


Guards surprised us this week with a live video performed at Mack Sennett Studios in Los Angeles. The song "Nightmare" was one of the songs selected to unveil Guards's debut album In Guards We Trust, released on February 5th, 2013 via Black Bell Records. A nice anniversary celebration for their first album.


Love the intro ad :)


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Papercuts - Still Knocking At The Door


"Still Knocking At The Door" is the lead single from Papercuts' forthcoming debut album "Life Among The Savages" set to release on June 5th, 2014 via Easy Sound Recording Co. (December 5th in Europe via Memphis Industries).


Papercuts is the music project by American singer-songwriter and producer Jason Robert Quever, who has toured with bands like Grizzly Bear, Beach House, Camera Obscura and Vetiver.


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I Know Leopard - Hold This Tight

Second release from I Know Leopard's debut EP "Illumina". The video was recorded using a quadracopter in the early hours of sunrise at Parsley Bay, Sydney. Video directed by Ben Timony.


I Know Leopard are a quartet from Adelaide and based in Sydney. The band have performed with bands like The Rubens, Goldfields, Miami Horror and a well-known band for this blog, our 2011 Jungle band, Deep Sea Arcade.

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Blackbird and The Storm - Black Bird

Colorado based singer-songwriter Blackbird and The Storm's second single Black Bird will be released on 17th February via Ed Records. The single is included in her debut album The Water Is Rising, set for release later this year.


Video directed by Daniel Beahm and Erika Randall Beahm.


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Muñeco - Triscaidecafobia


First single by Barcelona band Muñeco, taken from their forthcoming album "Ocurre", to be released later this year via El Genio Equivocado. Triscaidecafobia is like a double track combining a cup of psychedelic and another cup of rave, a song where the imagination of the band describes a creepy and mysterious party where a master of ceremonies open the ritual with the magic word "Triscaidecafobia"


Muñeco seams to evolve into a different perspective for their debuting album, opening the progressive kraut rock of their previous EP to dancing and psychedelic sounds, following an improvised line and adding different layers of ideas while the music develops. Ocurre is going to be one of those delicious albums for advanced ears.


Video edited by Muñeco as a tribute for the "Voyage To The Planet of Prehistoric Women" by Peter Bogdanovich, 1968 (public domain).


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Capital Inicial - Primeiros Erros (Multishow ao vivo)

Capital Inicial confirmed on Twitter that they will be performing at Rock In Rio, which it won't take place in Madrid this year. Due to the difficult situation that Spanish economy is going through, the festival promoters have desestimated the participation of Madrid for this big venue. Lisbone (Portugal) will be hosting the festival In its place, with the performance of great bands as Linkin Park, Arcade Fire or Queens Of The Stone Age.

Capital Inicial was founded in 1982, after the death of  Renato Russo, leader singer of the band “Aborto Elétrico”, which members created two sisters bands: “Legião Urbana”, not active anymore and “Capital Inicial”, a band with more than 12 studio albums.

Primeros Erros was included in the DVD of the acoustic performace of Capital Inicial for the MTV in 2000. Later, in 2008 they recorded another DVD, based on this  Multishow ao vivo, and including once again this song.

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