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Kid XL - Caroline, Make Up Your Mind (Free download)


Kid XL is a brand new indie pop trio from Perth, Australia. Sean, JJ & Liam are the three members of Kid XL and they have already a certain experience from other bands. "Caroline, Make Up Your Mind" is their first release and it is a great start for this new music project. The song will form part of "Vacation" a five track EP, and it is based on a true story about certain Caroline, a girl that is putting the thoughts of a young guy upside-down. So please Caroline, take him serious.


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The Preatures - Better Than It Ever Could Be


"Better Than It Ever Could Be" is the last single from the Australian 5-piece band The Preatures. The single will be included in their debut album, to be released later this year via Mercury. The band from Sydney will be playing at Coachella, and will also be a part of the SXSW 2014. 


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CHAMPS - St. Peter's


Michael and David Champion are the two brothers from Isle Of Wight in the UK behind the music project CHAMPS. "St Peter's" is their second single, to be released on March 10th and included in their debut album "Down Like Gold" (out on February 24th via Play It Again Sam). High-pitched voices and well constructed melodic songs are the hallmarks of these two brothers.


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Honduras - Borders


New Honduras' video for "Borders", from their forthcoming EP "Morality Cuts", to be released on February 25th. Honduras is a punk rock/garage band from Columbia, MO and based in New York City. The band debuted in 2012 with Voices, from their Cahokia EP, released when the band was still unsigned. Honduras are now signed to Black Bell Records, a label from New York founded in 2010 by one of the members of Passion Pit.


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Soak - Blud


17-year-old singer- songwriter SOAK new EP "Blud" will be out on March 17 and it has been produced by Villagers’ guitarist Tommy McLaughlin. Blud EP will be the first release on CHVRCHES’ new label, Goodbye Records. Born in Belfast but raised in Derry, UK, Soak could be an example of those hidden artists discovered while performing in the correct place, at the correct time, and that will form part of our lives with their music since that day.


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Stone Giant - The Groove


Stone Giant are a rock band from Boston, MA. Their influences are very clear: Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath, The Beatles,...just to name some. And they don't hide them. Their music is a pure tribute to the best classic rock figures, all of them integrated in just one band, building an updated concept of rock. Not an indie rock for soft minds, no, no. Just rock! Stone Giant formed in 2012 when its members met at the Berklee College of Music. 


Video directed by Seung Hoon Lee.


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Ayla - Wish I Was


Eighteen-year-old Sunshine Coast, Australia, Ayla, will release her debut single "Wish I Was" in March 2014. Ayla has been performing on the Sunshine Coast local scene since 2010, has played at Caloudra Music Festival, Mitchell Creek Rock, Blues Festival and supported acts including Darryl Braithwaite and Kelsie Rimmer (contestant on The Voice).

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The CO - Frecuency


From The CO's album "Keep It Together" now released in a deluxe physical edition on Sorted Noise, January 14th, 2014. The CO are a Nashville pop rock band with and absolutely stunning and catchy breaking songs.


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No More Lies - The Urgency Has Gone


"The Urgency Has Gone" is the second cut from No More Lies' new album "In The Shade Of Expectation", that you can stream in its full here. The band debuted in 1997 and they are signed to Bcore, an indie label from Barcelona, Spain. This rock band consist of Santi (voice, guitar), Maxim (bass) and Roger (drums). Santi's previous experience as musician and producer brings you well-known names as Standstill or Delorean.


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Yohomama - Walden


Yohomama are an indie rock band from São Paulo founded in 2012. It is not just an instrumental music band, in their repertoire they have a big variety of singing songs with influences that go from rock to jazz or bossa nova. The band released their first EP in 2012, and they have now this new video for Walden, an unreleased track performed live for the video. 


Video directed by Rafael Guimarães. 


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