The Last Internationale. Ego Live, Alcalá de Henares. Spain. Concert Review

Text & Photography: Mar de Miguel

The Last Internationale. Ego Live
The Last Internationale. Ego Live

With an aesthetic and visual impact that could remind us to Londoners band "The Kills", or even to  Joan Jett, The Last Internationale is however a versatile New York rock band confortable enough to play any kind of music genre that they feel like trying.


From classic rock with folk roots and blues soul to Americana and Southern country, The Last Internationale is a chameleon of stage with genes of Mississippi and rebelliousness enough to impact with the dirtiest garage. I do not know if I've left any influence, but these guys play it all and play it well.

The Last Internationale. Ego Live

In adittion, this band can really confuse you because they start with the modesty of a small local band, but they grow by themselves, minute after minute, moving from classiest rock to a trance of experimental music session that it is not a session of psychedelic experimentation but pure rock chords , which is not something that you see everyday on a stage.


They really surprised me and when I thought I had seen it all, almost at the end of the concert (I even put away my camera) the band broke up and they left mud to my dear Radical Dads, a band that is a reference in Brooklyn's noise scene. But not only that, they kept giving and giving to an enthusiastic audience that was having lot of fun, because when you do things so well, people love it.


These brilliant beasts are awesome, with very good tracks and many good covers as well (they could not choose better the one of The Animals).


A luxury thursday, in my own city and next to my house. Again Ego Live venue leave a very high standard. And I want to clarify that Ego Live doesn't pay me for talking good things about them. But is that when this kind of gigs are brought to your city and the people in charge to make this happen is taking care of every deteail with such a enthusiasm and passion for music, you have no choice but to congratulate and encourage them to keep the good work.


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