Delorentos. Moby Dick, Madrid. Spain. Concert Review

by Mar

Delorentos. Moby Dick
Delorentos. Moby Dick

Delorentos, the Dublin based band formed in 2005, played at Moby Dick (Madrid, Spain) on May 3th for an audience that was thrilled with the professionalism, affection and sympathy wasted on the stage.


With a pleasant  rock and a very studied  performance , the band had slowly the audience eating out of its hand, by playing one after another almost all of the songs from their latest album, Little Sparks (2012).


What at first might seem a cold gig, it got progressively heated up  as Delorentos was recognizing their fans and then they began to feel comfortable, giving everything for an audience that it really deserved it.


After releasing 3 studio albums, the music of Delorentos has gradually changed towards a more open indie rock, what on stage gives a great vivacity to the band.


The band have two singers/guitars with the same weight: Rónán Yourell that combines the acoustic and electric guitar with high and falsetto voices and Kieran McGuinness, that you could say that he is more like a classic rock singer and plays some different guitars too. This alternation of roles produces a nice impact and is extremely well supported by a great rhythm on drums and of course, a great bass.

We had lot of fun, Delorentos likes to jump and play with their fans out of the stage, but also the band knew how to touch our sensitivity, by performing the romantic song "Waited for So Long."


In short, a gig to have fun, to enjoy good music and to enjoy a band that leaves a good taste and a desire of seeing them again.


See you soon, Delorentos!


  Set List

  • Right To Know
  • You Say You'll Never Love Her
  • Pace Yourself
  • The stream
  • Care For
  • Petardu
  • Waited For You So Long
  • Swimmer
  • Editorial
  • Waiting
  • Give it Up Now
  • Santuary
  • Eustace Street
  • Bullet In A Gun
  • Secret
  • Did We Ever Really Try?
  • Stop
  • Little Sparks

Delorentos performing "Waiting For So Long" @Moby Dick, Madrid 3, 2012