One Thing About Music Blogs That You Should Know

by Mar

Some people say that bloggers like to go to gigs and festivals for free. My answer is that I do a hard work and I am not paid for it, so at least I want to be able to get inside the venue without paying.


Let's talk about numbers. Last gig I attended, band “x” in Madrid:

  • Writing their interview: 1 hour
  • Translation into Spanish: 2 hours
  • Writing their article: 1 hour
  • Going to the venue, attend the gig and return: 3.5 hours 
  • Editing the images: 1 hour
  • Writing the article of the gig and translation: 2 hours

I paid: 7 Euros for gas and 15,45 Euros for parking. Total: 22,45 Euros ($28,75) paid to work for this band during 10, 5 hours.

If I had not my ticket for free, I would have paid: 10 Euros. Total: 10 + 7 + 15,45 = 32,45 Euros ($41,55) to work 10,5 hours for them.

Next event attending is a music festival. The ticket cost 50 Euros ($64). Then add gas, parking and more than 3 days of not paid work.

Never criticize without knowing what you are talking about. We support artists and we do it for our passion for music....and for free :)