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Hello again, it's nearly the end of May, and i still haven't started on my piece, for June on this site. At this moment i am undecided on which band to write about. But i guess it's time to stop surfing the net for new music, and get on with it. So mp3 player ready on shuffle, here i go.

For my first piece, i wrote about one of my favourite bands of all time 'The Fall', the band having just released their best album for some time 'Your Future, Our Clutter'. But this time i wanted to do something on a more recent band. So hopefully something will will come to mind while listening to my mp3 player,  when bang 'Vlad The Impaler' from the latest kasabian album, kicks in, yes it will have to be Kasabian! One of the best live bands in the world at the present time, also their recorded stuff is very good also! Well i had better get on with it i guess!


 "The troops are on fire!

Ya know I need it, much closer

I'm trading just a little more

Step on it, electronic

The troops are on fire!

I'm much deeper, a sleeper

Waiting for the final trip

Come on it, get on it

I'm carving thru a letterbomb

I need it, loud potions

These drugs are just an hour away

Come on it, electronic

A polyphonic prostitute, the motors, on fire

Messiah for the animals"

Kasabian an alternative rock band, were formed in Countesthorpe, Leicestershire UK, in 1999. They were first called 'Saracuse' In 1999 they changed their name to Kasabian, after 'Linda Kasabian' getaway driver for the Charles Manson cult 'The Manson Family'.

Original members being Tom Meighan [Vocals] , Sergio Pizzorno [Guitar / Backing Vocals], Christopher Karloff [Guitar / Keyboards], Chris Edwards [Bass] and on the drums, 'Ash Hannis', who was replaced in 2004 by Ian Matthews. Chris karloff was replaced on the guitar by 'Jay Mehler' in 2006.


To date Kasabian, have released three studio albums. New album expected in 2011. There was also a download only live album 'Live from Brixton Academy' [2005]. Two E.P.'s and 15 singles. All of which i will list later on.


Their first album, 'Kasabian' [2004] received mixed  reviews to say the least. I must say it was one of my albums of the year, and is still my favourite kasabian album! Mainly because its just rocks and is just so full of life. The tracks are still a bit raw in sound, rough and ready. I do have the tendency to prefer the early albums from  bands i like, this is because the later albums get more commercially driven, seem more about the sales than the music, but i must say that to date Kasabian seem to have coped with this very well.

Singles from the album were 'Cutt Off', 'Processed Beats', 'Reason Is Treason', 'Club Foot', and the anthem that is 'L.S.F (Lost Souls Forever)',  the album peaking at number 4 in the UK Album Chart, they proved  the doubters wrong. Other tracks on this album worth a listen are 'I.D.' and 'Butcher Blues'.

  1. "Club Foot" – 3:34
  2. "Processed Beats" – 3:08
  3. "Reason Is Treason" – 4:35
  4. "I.D." – 4:47
  5. "Orange" – 0:46
  6. "L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever)" – 3:17
  7. "Running Battle" – 4:15
  8. "Test Transmission" – 3:55
  9. "Pinch Roller" – 1:13
  10. "Cutt Off" – 4:38
  11. "Butcher Blues" – 4:28
  12. "Ovary Stripe" – 3:50
  13. "U Boat" – 10:51 [Note: "U Boat" contains the hidden track, "Reason Is Treason (Jacknife Lee Mix)"] 

The second long player by the band 'Empire' [2006], was received with better reviews than the first. The sound was still them, but they started to progress into a more varied sound. The first single from the album, ' Empire', was widely regarded as a musical success with its catchy chorus. This was then followed by the release of the singles 'Shoot The Runner' and  'Me Plus One'. But in my opinion the best track on the album was 'Stuntman' along with 'The Doberman', 'Sun Rise Light Fires' and 'British Legion'. This album reached number 1 in the british album charts.

  1. "Empire" – 3:53
  2. "Shoot the Runner" – 3:27
  3. "Last Trip (In Flight)" – 2:53
  4. "Me Plus One" – 2:28
  5. "Sun Rise Light Flies" – 4:08
  6. "Apnoea" – 1:48
  7. "By My Side" – 4:14
  8. "Stuntman" – 5:19
  9. "Seek & Destroy" – 2:15
  10. "British Legion" – 3:19
  11. "The Doberman" – 5:34

The latest album, 'West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum' [2009] Named after a mental hospital in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Again this received very mixed reviews at the time of release, the band moving to a more psychedelic rock sound. But this album was always going to sell in great numbers, the band having built a big following form their live performances. The quality of the bands song writing having improved. The hit single off the album 'Fire' followed by 'Where did the love go', 'Underdog, and 'Vlad The Impaler'. Again there are some great tracks on here apart form the sinlges, like 'Ladies And Gentlemen', 'Thick As Thieves', 'Take Aim'and my favourite track 'Fast Fuse'. This album reached number 1 in the british album charts.

1. "Underdog

2. "Where Did All the Love Go?

3. "Swarfiga" 

4. "Fast Fuse

5. "Take Aim"

6. "Thick as Thieves"

7. "West Ryder Silver Bullet" (feat. Rosario Dawson)

8. "Vlad the Impaler" 

9. "Ladies and Gentlemen, Roll the Dice" 

10. "Secret Alphabets" 

11. "Fire

12. "Happiness" 

The Band have also released one live album, this was only available as as download album. 'Live from Brixton Academy'

and was released in 2005.


It was recorded at Brixton Academy on December 15, 2004. This was the band’s final show of their momentous breakthrough year, and band member Sergio Pizzorno’s 24th birthday.


This is not a bad live album, but having seen the band on 5 occasions, they have done better gigs, the first time i saw them was at a free local live music festival, and they went down a storm, this was in 2004. The last time i saw them was November 2009, in Newcastle, along 12,000 others, and the whole venue was bouncing by Kasabians near two hour performance! And yes i missed the support band, 'Reverend and the Makers' to busy drinking in the pubs in the 'Toon' haha.

  1. "I.D." – 6:01
  2. "Cutt Off" – 5:12
  3. "Reason Is Treason" – 5:07
  4. "Running Battle" – 5:05
  5. "Processed Beats" – 3:49
  6. "55" – 4:21
  7. "Test Transmission" – 4:40
  8. "Butcher Blues" – 5:10
  9. "The Nightworkers" – 4:44
  10. "Pan Am Slit Scan" – 5:02
  11. "L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever)" – 6:08
  12. "U Boat" – 2:58
  13. "Ovary Stripe" – 5:29
  14. "Club Foot" – 4:30 

So 2011 before the next album is due and am waiting in expectation of yet another great album. The band will still be building their fan base, via their great live shows. They must be one of the best festival bands out there. They always get the crowd moving!

Tom certainly is, one of the best front men in the music business at this present time. He definitely know's how to get a crowd going! And at present Kasabian must have one of the greatest encores,  'Vlad The Impaler', 'Stuntman',' L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever)'. There can be no better finish to any gig or festival then these three tracks.


Kasabian are one of the best festival bands going, they never fail to disappoint!



Singles / E.P.'s


Kasabian At Glastonbury 2009 - Play's for 35 Mins

"No map looking for the one I love
Cause the one I love is here

No map looking for the one who stands
Cause he's arming me from fear

We got tuned in Ta'the, Ta'the other side
Lives spent digging holes Ta'the, Ta'the ones that hide

See the white o' ya eyes
An' I'm a stuntman!
See the white o' ya eyes
I'm a stuntman!
See the white o' ya eyes
I'm a stuntman!
See the white o' ya eyes.."